Exxaro Bursaries

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Exxaro offers bursaries to prospective students looking to pursue opportunities in tertiary education towards a career in the mining industry.

Exxaro is a one of South Africa’s largest companies specialising in the mining and processing of coal and heavy minerals. Products produced by the company include coal products such as char and coke, titanium slag, pig iron, zircon, rutile, zinc, lead, cadmium, and iron ore, among others. With facilities in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia, Exxaro has a considerable presence worldwide and offers unique opportunities for employment and skills development all over the world. The company is currently headquartered in Pretoria.

A relatively young company in the global as well as the South African mining industry, Exxaro has seen a rapid rise to success and prominence since its official establishment as an independent company. Prior to its inception, the operational entities and assets that would become Exxaro formed a part of Kumba Resources Limited, which was unbundled in 2006 to create a two new South African companies: Kumba Iron Ore and Exxaro.

While Kumba Iron Ore was naturally tasked with the production of iron ore and related produces, Exxaro was free to deal with the production of coal, mineral sands, base metals, and industrial minerals, thus streamlining and focusing the operations of both companies. In doing so, the spread of shareholders in both companies was also broadened, allowing people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, employees of either company, and people living in close proximity to mining and processing operations to obtain a stake in Exxaro or Kumba Iron Ore.

Prior to this unbundling, Kumba Resources was itself unbundled from its parent company, Iscor Limited (previously known as Mittal Steel South Africa and now known as ArcelorMittal) in 2001, and was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in the same year. Iscor, which was previously a government-owned company, had been South Africa’s leading producer of steel for over 70 years, as well as a miner and supplier of iron ore and other raw materials. The majority of Iscor mines producing coal, zinc, mineral sands, and iron ore became part of Kumba Resources as part of this unbundling, and were in turn unbundled to form part of Kumba Iron Ore and Exxaro in 2006.

Today, Exxaro is listed as an independent company on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, with a market cap of over R60 billion putting it within the top 40 listed companies. The company continues to lead innovation within the mining industry, having introduced a revolutionary concept for a waste-free, effluent-free and sustainably engineered ‘mine of the future’ in 2012.

Exxaro Bursary Program Overview

The Exxaro bursary program is aimed at creating opportunities for promising candidates who are seeking to pursue careers in the mining industry and its related fields. The program is focused particularly on addressing the skills shortage within South Africa, providing the means for tertiary education opportunities to students who would otherwise be unable to access the training and experience they need to join the workforce in the mining sector.

By increasing the diversity of this workforce through the provision of bursaries to candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds as well as on the basis of merit, Exxaro seeks to create a pipeline for skilled workers to join its ranks and bring their unique talents and perspectives to its everyday business operations.

Exxaro bursaries are offered to students in their final year of high school, or to those who have recently matriculated and wish to study full-time at a recognised tertiary institution. While previously Exxaro only offered bursaries for candidates looking to obtain a qualification in Mining Engineering, the bursary program has since been extended to include a much wider range of qualifications.

This opens the doors for many more students to receive the funding they need through such bursaries, and contribute to Exxaro’s workforce in the future. Upon successful completion of their studies, most bursary recipients are required to work for Exxaro for a period equivalent to the length of their sponsored studies, providing further training and valuable work experience. Many go on to become permanent Exxaro employees.

In order to qualify for an Exxaro bursary, applicants should be a South African citizen, have obtained a minimum level 5 for Grade 11/12 English, and a level 6 for Mathematics and Science. In the case of prospective B Tech students, a level 5 in each of the aforementioned subjects is sufficient.

In addition to its comprehensive four-year bursaries, Exxaro also offers development plans through the Exxaro Universities of Pretoria, wherein the first year of study is covered. Effective completion of the first year of the program results in eligibility for the full bursary. As part of this bursary, Exxaro also sponsors four teams to enter the Absa Cape Epic bicycle race.

Bursary Benefits

Exxaro bursaries offer numerous benefits as part of their comprehensive coverage. First and foremost, these include all tuition, registration, and exam fees, as well as any other administrative costs.

Accommodation at a university residence or hostel is subsidised, as are meals provided by the same. An allowance is given towards all necessary books, stationery, and other equipment. Finally, a stipend is provided to account for any necessary day-to-day living expenses.

Qualifications Covered

Exxaro bursaries cover a range of qualifications relating to the mining industry.

These include Bachelor of Science degrees in the fields of Geology (Hons), Mining Engineering, Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Bachelor of Technology degrees in Mining Technician, and Mine Surveying.

Application Process

To apply for an Exxaro bursary, the application form can either be downloaded from the Exxaro website or obtained from a regional Exxaro office. Applications close on 31 March annually. 

The form should be completed in full and submitted to the nearest representative as noted on the form, along with all supporting documents such as ID copies, matric certificates, and academic transcripts (where applicable). Selected candidates will be required to undergo psychometric tests and the National Benchmark Test, as well as an interview.

Exxaro employs well over 7000 workers in Africa, Asia and Europe.


Application Due Date
31 March 2018


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